Roots & branches & all~

“they can speak trees”

“They can speak, trees, they can say the sweetest things, and can even tell a joke, but it takes special ears to hear them, ears that have listened to people…with great care.”                         Hafiz,c.1380

what i hear from your heart matches not the words you say; i distrust my heart, not my ears, or your voice.  i question my feelings & doubt my own mind when it comes to your truth versus mine. with trees it is different, for they say what they feel & i feel what they say in my heart.  all is well. with humans too many layers of deceit, from the lie to your face to be mean or the one to your face to be nice, or maintaining a precious belief when evidence suggests otherwise… too many layers make it hard to know the truth or what it is you want to say, what you want me to know.  wouldn’t it be nice if we, like our planetary companions the trees, would choose to say what we represent and represent what it is we say?  i can imagine a place where what i feel around me with people is as sweet as hangin’ with the trees.

even in kansas, trees get dressed up for autumn

listen long & listen round, the trees is talkin' right out loud!


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